Geocaching from Plakias

In Crete you can combine excursions with geocaching or, in the other direction, you can make interesting excursions to exciting and worth seeing places, which no travel guide suggests.

Geocaching is also called GPS scavenger hunt, because the hidden “geocaches” are searched by geographical coordinates. Special GPS receivers or mobile phones (smartphones) with built-in GPS are used. The goal of the increasingly popular game is to find a hidden “cache” in which you can find barter items and a logbook in which you can enter yourself as a lucky finder.

The positions of the caches, mostly small waterproof boxes, are published by the hiding places on websites in the Internet. Usually a description of the place gives assistance with the search. There you can also enter your successful find in addition to the logbook and view photos as well as read news of success or failure of other treasure hunters. – The found cache will of course be carefully hidden again after the discovery and entry into the logbook.

Gecoaches can be found more or less all over the world – and of course also in Crete.

Here is a selection of geocaches that you can search from Plakias on an excursion: