Plakias travel season, weather and climate

The season in Plakias starts at the beginning of May and ends at the end of October. This is less due to the local temperatures than to the flight schedules of the charter pilots, who fly to Crete only at this time, but mostly directly. Outside the season, Crete can only be reached by scheduled flights.

For the season: If you are flexible with your travel dates or book early, you can save a lot of money with a cheap flight. The climate on Crete and especially in Plakias on the south coast is very pleasant all year round.

Plakias in spring: April, May, mid-June

Already in March, vacationers who are looking for peace and quiet in Plakias come. At temperatures up to 20 °C, however, many taverns are still closed and the greatest activity in Plakias is the preparation for the season. You are a bit more alone, if you want you can quickly get into conversation with other visitors and enjoy the Cretan Spring in peace while hiking or even on the beach.

Colourful variety in spring

This time is also particularly suitable for excursions. Those who want to escape their cold home can do so with scheduled flights, which are usually offered with a change of plane in Athens.

Everything is green! Anyone who has travelled to the south of Europe in midsummer or autumn knows it: Almost everything is withered and turns brown. In spring, where the eye looks, everything grows and blooms in a grandiose variety. The perfect season for hiking and relaxing. In June it gets much warmer.

There are available hotels, studios, apartments or rooms. They are also cheaper than in the high season – with almost free choice, and that is to be taken literally: Stroll through Plakias and ask where you like for accommodation. You can examine the accommodation, move in immediately or continue your search.

Plakias in summer: mid-June to mid-September

In midsummer it can get very hot with over 30 °C, the mostly younger tourists and families spread out during the day on one of the many beaches and populate the taverns of Plakias in the evening. The water temperature is now particularly high at 25°C.

Also the few bars or discos are well visited until the early morning, as are the beach bars – the hustle and bustle has reached its peak. All in all, the partying is limited compared to the party venues on Crete’s north coast.

Available hotel rooms, apartments or studios are now difficult to find. If you would like to stay at Youth Hostel Plakias, it is better to book in advance.


Plakias in autumn: mid September, October

It is still very warm and on some days still very hot. Still perfect for bathing: The water temperature is between 23 and 24°C. The air temperatures are slowly decreasing and the days are getting noticeably shorter. The taverns are less crowded and the waiters have more time for a short talk with the guests.

In autumn it slowly becomes calmer

The off-season continues into the first days of November, after which most of the tourists have disappeared, the taverns and tourist shops are closed and made winterproof.

Plakias in winter: November to March

When the last flights have left Crete at the end of October, beginning of November it will be quiet again on Crete and in Plakias. If you stay now or even just arrive, you will do so consciously and usually not for the first time. Until the end of December you can relax in pleasant temperatures of up to 20°C.

Completely empty beach in winter

Of course the days are much shorter than in summer, it can get colder and you have to expect some rain. “Good weather” in Plakias is no longer guaranteed.