Let’s go to Plakias

Coming from the north, you pass through the breathtaking Kourtaliotiko Gorge and are impressed by the opening expanse of the bay of Plakias. – The sea shines in a unique blue. On the coast to the west and above all to the east there are many small beaches, most of them idyllic and, depending on the season, almost lonely. Welcome to Plakias, enjoy your holiday in Crete!

About Plakias

Plakias, the perfect place for a holiday without the hustle and bustle. Here you will find an overview of the former fishing village on the south coast of Crete.

Information and tips on shopping, car rentals, services, tavern facilities, peace and relaxation, beach activities such as bathing, swimming and diving and various excursions from Plakias.

Vacation in Plakias


Travel season

When is the best time to travel to Plakias for a holiday? Which time is best for which activities?

The official season begins in May and ends at the end of October, but Plakias is also an interesting and beautiful destination in winter or spring. How the place and the climate change over the year and why there is no right or wrong travel weather is explained here.

Plakias travel times

Dramatic clouds in autumn – at 25 ºC


What accommodation can tourists book in Plakias? How do the offers differ?

Fortunately, there is a suitable hotel, apartment, studio or room for every taste and every budget – no matter whether package tour, individual trip, excursion or long vacation, alone or with family.
The different types of accommodation available in Plakias are described in detail here.

Accommodations in Plakias

Studio in Plakias

How to get there

What’s the best way to get to Plakias? Your holiday in Plakias starts with a stress-free trip to Crete.

Whether package tour, cheap airline, individual with the ferry or in combination, where and how one books best and how it goes then on locally easiest with the bus, taxi or rented car is explained here.

How to get to Plakias

Let’s go to Plakias!

Excursions & tours

If the beach is not enough: discover the near and far surroundings of Plakias. On your own or with an organised excursion.

From the quiet monastery to the lively palm beach, on foot, by bus or with your own car or rental car – there are small and large excursions and sights for every requirement.

Excursions and tours

Weather & climate

What is the current weather like in Plakias? How is the climate in Plakias in a particular month?

Detailed climate tables with information on air and water temperatures, precipitation and hours of sunshine per month provide information here. Inform yourself about the current weather. In this way you can determine the optimum travel time and plan the perfect holiday.

Weather & climate in Plakias