Plakias weather and climate

The weather on Crete can vary depending on where you are on the island. If it rains on the north coast of Crete, the sun can shine in the south or vice versa.

The weather forecast for Crete (as a whole) is often provided by weather stations on the north coast of Crete. On the south coast of Crete, where Plakias is located, it is (almost) always warmer than in the north. So you can add 3 to 5 degrees to the mentioned temperatures.

Wind, storm, Meltemi

In Plakias there is wind not only as a refreshing breeze on a tropical warm evening. Occasionally and then gladly several days uninterruptedly it can downright storm. The wind called Meltemi blows away from the land to the sea until everything that is not somehow fortified has blown up and gone. Unfortunately, this also concerns the sand or fine gravel on the beach. This sandstorm spoils your stay at the beach, unless you have gotten hold of one of the few sheltered places.

In spring and autumn, endless clouds often cling to the mountains and try to get from the north to Plakias. That happens rather rarely and if it does, then with hardly noticeable precipitation. The holidaymakers are happy that the Cretans in possession of olive trees have nothing against natural irrigation from above.

A rare rainy day in Plakias

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Climatic tables Plakias

Air temperature Plakias
Water temperature Plakias

If you want to see the current weather on Crete, you can visit one of the many webcams on Crete: Overview and links to webcams in Crete


The current weather, weather forecast for Plakias and weather data

In my experience, provides the best weather forecast. Since Plakias does not have a weather station of its own that provides a forecast, I orientate myself to the nearby station of Preveli. To the weather forecast for Plakias (Preveli).

Current weather data and the development of the last 24 hours can be found on the website of the weather station Plakias.

The ANNUAL CLIMATOLOGICAL SUMMARY offers detailed weather data of the current year with temperature, precipitation and wind speed from the weather station Plakias.