Frequently asked questions

Is Crete a holiday destination for diving?

Yes, Crete is a popular holiday destination for diving. The island of Crete has a rich marine ecosystem and offers a variety of dive sites for both beginner and experienced divers. The clear, warm waters around Crete are home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, octopuses, eels, and various species of coral. There are also shipwrecks in the area that are popular for diving.

One of the most famous diving sites is the Messerschmitt 109 wreck, a German World War II fighter, lying 800 m offshore, at a depth of 24 m.

There are many dive centers on Crete that offer guided diving tours, as well as rental equipment and certification courses.

When is the best time of year to dive in Crete?

The best time to dive in Crete depends on your personal preferences and the type of diving experience you are looking for.

Generally, the summer months of June to September offer the warmest and most comfortable diving conditions, with water temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius (75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit). The visibility is also typically good during this time of year, although it can vary depending on the specific dive site and the weather conditions.

The spring and fall months of April to May and October to November offer cooler water temperatures (around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius or 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and may be more suitable for experienced divers who are comfortable in colder water. The visibility is usually excellent during these months, as the waters are less crowded and there is less sediment stirred up from boats and swimmers.