Monastery Preveli and palm beach of Preveli

The palm beach of Preveli (Φοινικόδασος της Πρέβελης) on the south coast and near Plakias is next to the palm beach of Vai (Eastern Crete) the only beach of Crete where the Cretan date palm grows. The river Megalopotamos coming from the mountains flows here by a ravine up to the sea, at its banks up to the sandy beach the palms form a close roof, which is crossed in the summer by blooming Oleander.

The palm tree beach of Preveli is a very popular excursion destination, on the narrow bank paths of the river you can walk a short distance in the cool shade, the beach invites for bathing and sunbathing and a small cantina offers refreshments and snacks.

From Plakias small excursion boats go to the palm beach of Preveli. Daily in the morning and late afternoon during the season.
The drive by rental car is easy, passing the so-called Venetian Bridge and the old abandoned monastery of Preveli and winding further to the parking lot, from where countless steps lead down to the bay.

A few minutes further on the road is the new Preveli Monastery.

In the last years some long-term vacationers and drop-outs had pitched their tents in this small palm forest. Since August 2010 a large part of the palm grove was badly affected by a fire, wild camping is officially forbidden. Today there is hardly anything left to see of the destruction of the fire.

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